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Summer of Travel, Guide for Nomads, and the Next Best Thing

It is officially The Summer of Travel 🌞

Hardly a day has gone by over the past few weeks without a friend messaging me to say, “I’m planning to head to Europe, and I wanted to see if you…”

I wouldn’t be surprised if this summer breaks records for travel in Europe. There’s a ton of pent up demand from people who weren’t willing/able to travel because of the pandemic.

And I think some people are also traveling now “while the virus isn’t too bad, because who knows what will happen in the fall” (Germany is reportedly considering bring back indoor mask requirements every year from October to Easter).

On top of that, the rise of remote work means that lots of people are able to travel for extended periods and work as they go.

Guide for Nomads

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Backwards Thinking, Around the World Without Flying, and My 300 Day Streak


I’m back in Valencia 🍊 after a few weeks of family fun in Turkey.

Having spent years on the road traveling solo, it’s tempting to complain about how much more difficult it is to travel as a family with a toddler.

You can’t be as spontaneous. There’s a lot more to plan and pack. Missing a meal or good night’s sleep used to be a minor inconvenience. Tough it out. But with a baby, those become reasons for a nuclear meltdown. 😭

Given all of that, I could decide it’s easier just to stay put. Why bother going anywhere?

Derek Sivers has an awesome answer:

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The Future of Remote Work, the History of Pizza, and How I’m Going to Educate My Children

Merhaba from Turkey 👋

Last week I wrote about… nothing.

I took a week off from writing this newsletter (for the first time) to travel here and celebrate my daughter’s birthday. 🎉

I’ve traveled much less over the past couple of years due to the pandemic. This trip has reminded me of a few timeless travel lessons — things that I had learned before, but that were no longer top of mind:

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What should we call ourselves? (and leaving America)

I’ve noticed over the last few years that, as the term “digital nomad” has become more common, so has the resistance to being labeled as a digital nomad.

I still use the term, because I don’t think there’s a better, more succinct way to describe the same idea. But I do worry that it can give the wrong impression.

People hear “digital nomad” and they imagine a 22 year old strapping on a backpack and hopping to a new country every few weeks.

But you don’t have to be 22 years old to travel the world or move to a new country. And although traveling constantly can be fun for a while, most digital nomads I know tend to slow down at some point and spend more time in each place.

Slowmad Life

Steve Tsentserensky is a perfect example. He was recently profiled by CNBC’s Make It:

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Digital Nomad Getting Started Guide

In my last email, I shared five reasons to become a digital nomad in 2022.

This week I want to share my Digital Nomad Getting Started Guide with you, plus a nice surprise I just received on Twitter (at the end of the email).

The digital nomad guide is available on my website now (totally free). Here are a few of the most popular sections:

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Home-as-a-Service? Living in Airbnb vs Buying a House for 1 Euro

Airbnb co-founder and CEO, Brian Chesky, tweeted: “Starting today, I’m living on Airbnb. I’ll be staying in a different town or city every couple weeks.”

As longtime readers know, this is something that I started doing in 2012. Since then, I’ve lived in Airbnbs (as well as other short-term rental apartments and the occasional hotel room) in hundreds of cities across 50 countries.

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Should you spend time finding yourself? Is travel a “success killer”?

Last week I wrote about what it’s like to become a digital nomad these days and shared a few recent podcast interviews.

This week I planned to write about Web3 and some of the interesting projects I’ve come across recently, but then my little corner of the internet blew up a few days ago, thanks to this tweet:

Needless to say, I couldn’t disagree more (I finally understand what the phrase “triggered” means). I feel so strongly, that I decided to make this the topic of this week’s Never Normal newsletter instead.

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Become a Digital Nomad, Pursue your Dreams, and Connect with More People

Last week I wrote about the self-tenured class, the pursuit of wealth, and working on what you love.

This week I’ve got a three new podcast interviews related to becoming a digital nomad and launching new ventures to share with you (plus a crazy love story).

What’s it like becoming a digital nomad these days?

In the past, one of the biggest challenges of becoming a digital nomad was finding a way to make money without being tied to a single location.

Now, since the pandemic hit and remote work has become much more common, there are new challenges and opportunities for those who want to go nomadic.

But at least one thing remains the same…

Never Normal Podcast

Becoming a Digital Nomad with Justin Gary (Episode 017)

What is it like becoming a digital nomad these days?

Over the past year, Justin Gary ditched his office, moved out of his apartment, and got rid of his car to become a digital nomad. Now Justin runs his businesses while traveling and living around the world. 

Justin Gary is an award-winning game designer and entrepreneur.

He started his career in gaming at the age of seventeen when he won the Magic: The Gathering US National Championships. Justin then escaped from NYU Law School to pursue his dream of becoming a professional game designer (we discussed Justin’s journey in a previous interview on Never Normal).

He’s since made games for global brands including Marvel, DC, World of Warcraft, and Bakugan. In 2010, Justin founded his own publishing company, Stone Blade Entertainment and released the hit deck-building game, Ascension. 

 Justin has also taught creativity principles at the Wharton School of Business and to companies including Twitter, Zillow, and Google.

Earlier this year, Justin and I launched Quality Questions together, where we collect and send questions that help you apply the key lessons from self improvement books and lectures to your own life. 

Justin’s latest project is the Level Up habit journal

In this episode we talk about:

Essays Never Normal Newsletter

Let’s Meme the World a Better Place

The world has changed, and we have a choice to make:

Should we focus on the bits or the atoms?

I’ll do my best to explain what that means and how it ties together my nomadic lifestyle, the metaverse, crypto, cows, and a radical plan to buy the constitution.

Never Normal Podcast

Creating Community Wherever You Go with Digital Nomad Alex Salinsky (Episode 011)

By day Alex is a fractional COO who helps technology companies grow quickly without falling apart.

By night he’s a “curator of people” who builds communities wherever he goes around the world, from impromptu 14-person dinners at conferences to a pop-up co-living space in Colombia.

In this episode we discuss:

Never Normal Podcast

Niall Doherty is a Man on a Mission (Episode 006)

Niall Doherty left his last office job in 2011 and set off on a mission to travel the world while making money online. Since then he’s been to over 50 countries, written a couple of books, and started several businesses. His website, eBizFacts is the best place to find information, reviews, and a much more to about making money online.

In This Episode We Talk About: