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Become a Digital Nomad, Pursue your Dreams, and Connect with More People

Last week I wrote about the self-tenured class, the pursuit of wealth, and working on what you love.

This week I’ve got a three new podcast interviews related to becoming a digital nomad and launching new ventures to share with you (plus a crazy love story).

What’s it like becoming a digital nomad these days?

In the past, one of the biggest challenges of becoming a digital nomad was finding a way to make money without being tied to a single location.

Now, since the pandemic hit and remote work has become much more common, there are new challenges and opportunities for those who want to go nomadic.

But at least one thing remains the same…

It takes a certain mindset. You have to be willing to do something that’s not normal and to endure a certain amount of discomfort.

Over the past year, Justin Gary ditched his office, moved out of his apartment, and got rid of his car to become a digital nomad.

(You might remember Justin, we discussed his escape from NYU Law School to pursue his dream of becoming a professional game designer on a previous episode).

Justin joined me in this latest episode of the Never Normal podcast to talk about what it’s like to run his businesses while traveling and living around the world.

In the first part of the conversation, we discuss how Justin transitioned his game design company to run “remote first” and some of the unexpected advantages he discovered.

In the second half of the conversation, we dig deeper into Justin’s digital nomad journey, the mindset shifts that he had to make, and lots of tips for anyone else interested in becoming a digital nomad.

Want to Level Up Your Life?

Check out Justin’s new Level Up habit journal. It’s designed to help you build healthy habits and accomplish goals, with the proven power of habit-building science mixed with the fun of playing a game.

How to Pursue Your Dreams and Thrive as a Digital Nomad

This time, I’m the guest. The host, Anahyse, is on a mission to help Freedom Entrepreneurs build their ideal lifestyle:

My guests and I give you inspiration and practical tactics to start your business, build better habits, and travel the world on your own terms.

In this episode, I interview Neville Andrew Mehra, an online entrepreneur and digital nomad. Since moving out of his Maryland home in 2012, he has visited, lived in, and worked from more than 50 countries around the world. Along the way he has also grown a few businesses from “idea-on-a-napkin” to the first $1,000,000 and beyond.

You can find the full episode on YouTube or on Anahyse’s website.

How to Build Your Network and Connect with More People

Anna Grigoryan invited me on her podcast to talk about… podcasts (very meta, I know). In this interview we discuss:

  • Podcasting as a way to connect with people
  • Breaking down the process of launching into a series of small steps
  • The “community-led” approach I’m using to launch new projects

Here’s a link to listen to the episode (it’s about 30 mins long).

Surviving the World of Freelance Consulting Work

In his latest post, Paul Millerd (another recent Never Normal guest) answers readers’ questions about freelance consulting and explains the stages he went through — from desperate to succeed, will take any work within reason all the way to understanding the couple of areas where I can do great work and the kinds of work that give me energy.

If you’re just getting started (or thinking about) freelancing, you can read Paul’s story as a sort of roadmap of what to expect.

‘Til the WiFi Going Down Do Us Part

A few weeks ago, in Let’s Meme the World a Better Place, I wrote: It has become much more common to have friends, colleagues, and even business partners that we interact with online and never meet in person.

This couple has taken that to a whole other level…

That’s all for this week… More soon!

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