The World According to Instagram

Instagram now has over one billion users. That’s roughly three times the population of the entire United States, sharing and liking photos and videos. Not exactly a well-kept secret, but I think most people underestimate just how massive the “Instagram effect” can be. Especially when it comes to discovering new trends. Instagram influences the way we dress, the things we buy, and the food we eat. But what about travel? How has Instagram changed the way we travel?

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What’s my favorite place in the world? Why do I love to travel?

Check out this short video of a talk I gave at a conference in Nevada earlier this year.

Side note: I planned to speak about my predictions for the future of work, but a day or so before my talk, I changed topics. I was sitting at the table with a well-known motivational speaker / mentor who earns a living on the paid speaking circuit. When he heard about my lifestyle, he said I’ve got to talk about travel, so that’s what I did.

Oh the places I (still) want to go…

When I tell people that I have lived for years as a nomad, traveling all the time, they often say to me, “You must have been everywhere by now!”
No way!
I am very fortunate, having traveled to many countries, but there are so many more that I have not yet visited. I am missing two whole continents (I have never been to Australia or Antarctica) and I’ve only just scratched the surface of Africa.
Even in Europe, where I’ve done the most exploring, I still have a handful of countries left to visit… like Scotland, Sweden, and Norway in the North; Cyprus and Malta in the South; also Belarus, and a few of the Balkans. Closer to home, I’ve never even been to Mexico, Central America, or anywhere in the Caribbean!
I don’t travel for the sake of “checking countries off my list.”  Instead, I go to the places that interest me the most. I also revisit my favorite places as often as I can. As for the rest, I figure I’ll get there eventually.
But there are plenty of new places that I am very eager to visit. Here are a few of the ones that excite me the most at the moment:

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Very few people have touched my life the way Anthony Bourdain has. I’ve read and re-read his books. Watched his shows. Listened to him lecture. Read other books because he liked them. Reading Kitchen Confidential convinced me not to pursue a career in restaurants. I was born into the industry, and as much as I love it, I’ve kept a safe distance as an adult (thanks, Tony!).
But it was reading A Cook’s Tour that changed everything for me.

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Journey to Patagonia: Part 1

April 13, 2018

Arrival in Buenos Aires.

I just traveled for an entire day to get here. Uber from Cascais to Lisbon, three hour flight from Lisbon to Frankfurt, and a 14 hour non-stop flight from Frankfurt to Buenos Aires. Then the taxi ride from the airport to my Airbnb in Palermo took so long that I had to ask the driver to stop for a bathroom break. There was an accident on the main road, so we took a detour. So did everyone else. A few more detours later and we were on a road that was only partially paved, and surrounded by trash heaps.

Even after all that, I’m a little surprised to actually be here. I almost cancelled this entire trip to South America. It sounded fun, but too disruptive. There’s too much going on in my life. Work is busy! I need to get back to DC. All the usual excuses. Plus, this was supposed to be the year to slow down a bit, travel a little less, and spend more time in one place. Instead, I’ve been to five continents in five months.

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A Cup of Disappointment

I know I’m in for disappointment long before the first sip. These days I can tell from the moment I walk in the door. A new place, but a familiar feeling.

Why bother ordering then? Maybe I’ll be wrong this time. Probably not. It’s not too late to leave. The next place is going to be the same anyway.

They’re all the same. I used to think that they were following me. Not any more. Now they get there before I arrive. A virus that has spread from Australia across the world. I don’t know when it started, only when it finally hit me.

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Things I’m Into Right Now – Calisthenics / Street Workouts

This is the first post in what may become a series of “Things I’m Into Right Now” posts. Writing posts like this is a way to capture and share my thoughts, mood, and interests at a point in time. Maybe I’ll look back on a post like this years from now and think, “wow, I can’t believe I was into that back then”.

One of the biggest challenges for me of life as a digital nomad has been staying fit. Not that I was in perfect shape before I started traveling… My fitness journey, from the weight room to the calisthenics park, started over twenty years ago.continue reading Things I’m Into Right Now – Calisthenics / Street Workouts