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Mozart’s Farts, Becoming a Better Dad, Tensegrity, and American Anarchy

Last week I wrote let’s meme the world a better place. This week I’ve got a new podcast episode and an assortment of related things I’ve been learning, listening to, and thinking about.

It all starts with a tiny push

Even though you know exactly what’s going to happen, it’s still pretty amazing to watch this short video (dripping with high school science class vibes), and see that it actually works.

Beyond the physics, there’s an important lesson here about the power of taking action — even a very small action — that kicks off a chain reaction.

Can you apply this to your life or business? What’s the first domino that you need to knock down on the path to achieving your goal? 🤔

BTW – If you like thought experiments like this, check out Quality Questions. Speaking of asking lots of questions…

Never Normal Podcast

The New Fatherhood with Kevin Maguire (Episode 016)

Kevin Maguire writes The New Fatherhood a weekly newsletter dedicated to “Helping dads be better dads.”

Kevin is also a former Google employee and the founder of QuickHatch where he uses Design Sprint thinking to help bold companies solve complex problems in record time.

In this episode we discuss: