Never Normal Podcast

The New Fatherhood with Kevin Maguire (Episode 016)

Kevin Maguire writes The New Fatherhood a weekly newsletter dedicated to “Helping dads be better dads.”

Kevin is also a former Google employee and the founder of QuickHatch where he uses Design Sprint thinking to help bold companies solve complex problems in record time.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The three phases of scarcity that we experience throughout our lives
  • What’s missing from the existing advice for dads that prompted Kevin to start The New Fatherhood
  • Writing a book one week at a time
  • Putting the “dominoes” in the right order for your business to grow and succeed
  • Struggling with screen time as a parent
  • The training we get for becoming dads. What advice do new dads need to hear?
  • Fatherhood lessons from Bandit the Dog and setting the bar higher for dads
  • That hardest thing for me about being a parent
  • Why did Kevin leave Google, one of the best companies in the world to work for?
  • Moving away from San Francisco and the USA to optimize for family life
  • Advantages of living in Barcelona and attitudes towards children in Spain
  • There’s more to life than “What’s your name, what do you do?”
  • The power of vulnerability, especially for men
  • Should we encourage kids to play video games?
  • How to approach choosing where to live with a family


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