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Home-as-a-Service, RIP Silicon Valley, and the Winter of European Nomads

Hi again from Valencia 🌞

No Never Normal newsletter last week. Instead I was relaxing in Ibiza with my family. It was great to get some time away from a computer screen.

We stayed in a fancy resort, which is not something I do very often. I enjoyed it — playing in the sea and the pool with my daughter, watching the stunning sunsets every evening with my wife, accompanied by excellent electronic music sets — at the same time, I couldn’t help feeling like a bit like a prisoner.

After years of traveling as a nomad, I’m used to renting entire apartments on Airbnb, staying in walkable areas, buying my own groceries, cooking breakfast, and really feeling like I’m at home wherever I am in the world.

Much like the debate over top sheets and duvets, I suspect there is a generational shift happening here. For Gen X and the Boomers, there was a clear line: