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Ayahuasca and Tony Robbins


Last week I wrote about the best places to live, including a surprise entry from Bulgaria that’s popular with nomad families.

The places you spend time, the people you meet there, and the ideas and opportunities that come your way as a result, all have a huge impact on your life.

Your surroundings shape who you become.

That’s a big part of the reason why I love to travel and live in different places. As Francis Tapon and I discussed, traveling the world allows us to “pick up lots of cultural souvenirs and grab the best of humanity.”

But ultimately, the one place where we all spend our lives is inside our own minds.

“Wherever you go, there you are” as they say.

And if your mind is a miserable place to be, then your experience of life will be miserable, regardless of your physical location. Unfortunately, that is the reality for millions of people, including (especially) many living in the most prosperous countries in the world.

In the UK, one out of every six adults takes medication to treat depression. The situation is similar in the US, where 22.3% of non-Hispanic white women take antidepressants. These numbers have been climbing steadily for the last couple of decades.

You don’t need to be a doctor to diagnose that something is wrong. Why do so many people need to be drugged?