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Diving Deep into Creating Communities

Wherever my friend Alex goes in the world, he always seems to have local contacts and social events to attend (even if he’s never been to that country before).

I had to find out how he does it…

So I invited Alex on Never Normal to talk about his experience as a digital nomad and how he creates communities wherever he goes.

You can find this episode along with my notes, links to everything we talked about, and a complete transcript here. (Or search for “Never Normal” on your preferred podcast player app). There’s also a video version on YouTube.

In this era of the pandemic, lockdowns, and remote work/school we’re separated from our usual social circles and it’s much harder to meet new people.

Many of us have been coping by finding and leaning into online communities. Online communities aren’t new, but like so many other things, the pandemic has accelerated the trend.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise then that one of the most common bits of feedback we’ve gotten since launching Quality Questions has been “it would be great to have a place to discuss my answers with others”.

We’d already planned to add a community element to Quality Questions at some point, but now it’s at the top of the feature list. Stay tuned…

In the meantime, if you’re interested in diving further into the topic of online communities, be sure to check out this excellent episode of Village Global’s Venture Stories with Erik Torenberg featuring two of my favorite community creators, Anna Gat (Interintellect) and Anne-Laure Le Cunff (Ness Labs).