My Story

Hi, I am Neville Andrew Mehra. My life is an adventure. I’ve lived in over 100 different cities around the world, and counting… I’m always on the move and learning as I go. Along the way, I’ve taken a few businesses from idea-on-a-napkin to their first $1,000,000 and beyond. I created this website to share my ideas, experiences, and discoveries, in hopes of inspiring others and changing the world.

Neville is my legal name, and what most people call me nowadays, but to my family and childhood friends, I’ve always been Andrew. Maybe even Annoying Andrew, because I was that curious little kid who never stopped asking questions.

Why? What’s the point anyway?Are we there yet? What’s taking so long?Does it have to be this way?  What if I did it differently?

As I grew up, I didn’t stop questioning everything and trying to do things my way. I loved learning, but felt bored in school, so I “hacked” high school and graduated two years early. From there I went straight to university at sixteen years old, only to drop out halfway through (years later, I somehow convinced the University of Maryland give me a degree anyway). My motivation for dropping out was to focus on work. What had started as a summer internship quickly turned into a serious IT career.

I left my last real job in 2007 to start Nampora and never looked back. Nampora is a digital strategy agency, combining marketing and technology . We help clients across a wide variety of industries launch new websites, products, and brands. Running Nampora empowers me to use all that I’ve learned so far to spot trends, generate new ideas, solve problems, and create a vision for the future.